Taking healing into our own hands

Our Flagship Training is Getting a New Name!

Coming soon, "Fight to Better" will become "Doorway to Better". In addition to the name change, we will be adding new content that

  • Explains the name change
  • Adds new life lessons that Christine gained right after launching the first version of the training, and
  • Goes into greater depth explaining the concepts in each lesson.

For more information, please contact Christine at

Introducing Fight to Better

An Online Communication Coaching Training for Families and Couples

Every fight is a doorway to greater peace, understanding, love, and harmony for yourself and your family. Fight to Better is an online communication coaching training for families and couples. It helps you see that door and gives you the tools to move through it.


Who is Fight to Better for?

Family conflict is the deepest sort of pain that you experience. It sticks with you. Fight to Better provides perspective and tools to heal yourself and your family. Fight to Better is ideal for:

  • Estranged Family
  • Parent/Child Conflicts
  • Partner Conflicts
  • Any and all family pain, past, present, and future
Doorway to Better: a self-paced healing workshop for growing through family conflicts. This training is under construction and coming soon.

How Can this Course Help Me?

Fight to Better is for anyone seeking to heal their relationships. Taught with humor, play, animation, music and nature, Fight to Better offers:

  • Fresh perspective on family struggles
  • Specific tools for healing
  • Tools to shift from negative to positive 

Heart to Heart Rooting Network

Purchasing this course is an opportunity for you to grow a new sharing economy. Each purchase of Fight to Better directs:

  • $15 to plant trees in the tropics to stabilize our climate (via donation to
  • $50 to a Rooting Recipient, who is a deserving individual of your choice

What's in this Course?

Eight lessons and homework that help you explore the training concepts and apply them to your own circumstances.


The Introduction orients you to how to use the training, and it introduces key “upside down” Fight to Better concepts.

Lesson 1
Lesson 1 - Resilience Practices

Talks about the things that you can do when you are not fighting that will make it easier when you are fighting.

Lesson 2
Lesson 2 - About You

In Lesson 2, we take a fresh look at you and how you work.

Lesson 3
Lesson 3 - Alone Zone

In Lesson 3, we explore the Alone Zone: what it is, what it isn’t, and how to use it.

Lesson 4
Lesson 4 - Why We Fight

Awareness is key to opening doors to higher understanding. Lesson 4 explores the many reasons why families and couples fight.

Lesson 5
Lesson 5 - Storytelling

Storytelling is the most powerful tool that you possess. This lesson guides you in how to tell and re-tell your family stories to heal them.

Lesson 6
Lesson 6 - Special Topics

Mistakes, anger, fear, and transitions, each get their own attention in this lesson.

Lesson 7 - When You Talk

Lesson 7 brings together what you learn in previous lessons with tips for when you do talk.

Please contact Christine if you would like more information about this course

Currently, as Christine is transitioning this training from "Fight to Better" to "Doorway to Better", students can sign up by contacting Christine. You have the option of taking the training on its own for $260. You can also opt to take the training with interaction with Christine. For a package that includes the training and three one-hour sessions, the price is $460. We can design a custom package for you with more one-on-one sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this course alone, or do I need my family involved?

This training is designed for you, so you can take it by yourself! What you are doing in taking this training is powerful, not only for you, but for your whole family. You do have the ability to heal yourself and create a healing path for your family members with the perspective and tools you gain through Fight to Better. Each lesson comes with homework questions designed for you who are taking this training by yourself.

What if I am not communicating with my family at all?

Even if you are estranged from your family, you can benefit from this course. You do have the ability to heal yourself and create a healing path for your family members with the perspective and tools you gain through Fight to Better.

Can I take the training together with my partner or family?

Yes! This training is designed for you, too! Taking the training together offers you the opportunity to learn more about each other’s learning styles and perspectives.

How will this help me deal better with a difficult family member?

Over time (and with practice), you will learn specific strategies that will help you with personal strength, perspective, boundaries,  and communication.

Is there homework and do I get graded?

Yes, there is homework. You get to decide whether to do the homework and when to do the homework. It is there to help you dive deeper into the material and explore how it fits in with your own family situation and your own place in your life.

Homework consists of leading questions that help people observe themselves and others. It will help you decide how to apply the material in your own life.  While we don’t grade the homework, you will be able to note your own progress.

As you take the training, if you come up with new homework suggestions, we would love to hear them!

We will not give you a grade. Instead, we encourage you to take the attitude that you are always doing the best you can, and if you are not yet satisfied with your progress, you can keep working at it.

Will I have access to it at my own pace and when I need to revisit it?

Yes! We want you to take all the time that you need and revisit the material again and again throughout your life. Fight to Better teaches a process that is repeated and revisited over time. That is why, when you purchase this training, it comes with lifetime access.


I learn best by metaphors/straight talk/listening/seeing/reading. Is this training designed for me?

Yes! We cover all of those learning strategies. The lessons are videos that weave lectures, skits, and animation. We use symbols and metaphors as a way to explain concepts, and for those who do not learn through analogy, we provide a “straight talk summary” of each analogy. You can listen along to the videos, watch them, or read the transcript. 

Can I share Fight to Better with my friends and family?

Yes, you are authorized to share Fight to Better with five other people. You get to decide if those people are friends or family members. Any more people over six total will need to purchase their own access to Fight to Better. This is important for various reasons: making the financial investment in the purchase tells you that you take your healing, and your family healing, seriously. It also shows that you understand the importance of balancing giving (your purchase) with receiving (access to the training). Finally, every purchase of Fight to Better is an opportunity to build the Heart to Heart Rooting Network and help grow out the new mutual support economy.